What is a Mobility Scooter?

mobilityscootersIt is not uncommon for a senior to have difficulty walking and getting around. Around the home, it is possible that not being able to walk for an extended period of time isn’t all that big of an issue and in many cases, a walker or rollator will offset these difficulties. However, going places like the grocery store, shopping mall, or even walking around might not be possible, so many seniors use mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters are one of the most common types of mobility vehicles, which allow a senior to effortlessly get around. Many are able to travel over 10 miles per charge and some can travel even further on a single charge, with a range of over 30 miles. There are many different types of mobility scooters, but they can typically be divided into three distinct categories; Travel Scooters, Heavy Duty Scooters, and Traditional Scooters.

Travel Scooters are very popular, because they are designed to be easily transported. They can be taken apart into several pieces, all of which are light enough for the average senior to lift, with the heaviest piece often weighing less than 30 pounds. This means that the travel scooter can be dissembled quickly and placed in the trunk or back seat of a car, without the need of a special scooter lift.

While travel scooters can be very convenient, their lightweight comes at the cost of features. They also often have a shorter range than other scooters, are not quite as durable, and will typically have a lower weight capacity than a non-travel scooter.

Where travel scooter are made with transportability in mind, heavy duty scooters are designed to be driven almost anywhere. As a result, they are very heavy and will very likely require a scooter lift to transport, but they preform very well over almost all terrains. They have a much higher weight capacity than other mobility scooters, offer reinforced bumpers, a higher ground clearance, a larger more comfortable chair, and larger wheels. They also have a much larger range and top speed, with some heavy duty scooters able to travel over 10 miles per hour.

Many people who spend a great deal of time outdoors will go with a heavy duty scooter and they can be not only very practical, but also a good deal of fun to drive. However, they tend to have a rather large turning radius, which means that they wont do as well in very tight quarters, such as in a living room. This means that a heavy duty scooter is an excellent choice for outdoors and public areas, like the grocery store, but might not always be the best choice for use inside the home.

The last type of scooter is the traditional scooter and this is sort of a catch all category. If it isn’t a travel scooter or a heavy duty scooter, then it is a traditional scooter. They are more durable than travel scooters, yet not quite as durable as a heavy duty scooter. Most traditional scooters can be easily taken apart, but the individual pieces will not be as easy to handle.

For a senior, or anyone who has difficulty walking for that matter, a mobility scooter can greatly improve accessibility. These devices provide a cost effective alternative to electric wheelchairs and are very easy to use.