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Avoiding the High Pressure Sales Pitch: Learning About Mobility Scooters

Many people have seen the commercials for Rascal Scooters or any of the other types of mobility scooters and thought to themselves, wow that would really make my life easier. Mobility scooters are powerful tools for the elderly, as well as others who have difficulty walking for longer distances. However, if you actually call up their number, you are very likely to end up talking to a high pressure salesman, who is payed off of commission and therefore motivated to make a sale, much more than they are to help you find the right mobility scooter.

So, rather than simply call up these companies, it is a good idea to learn about mobility scooters first and explore all of your options. That way, rather than leading you to a sale, you can lead the salesman to what you really need.

What is a Mobility Scooter?

The mobility scooter is a special type of home medical equipment that provide a motorized platform to move its user from one area to another. That is to say, they are a type of mobility vehicle, similar in function to a wheelchair, but using a much different design.

Mobility scooters are battery powered, running off of at least one rechargeable battery. Some mobility scooters can travel over 20 miles on a single charge, but when looking at a medical supply companies website, it is important to keep in mind there are a lot of factors that can affect a mobility scooters range. For example, a heavier rider will see a shorted range than a lighter one. Along the same lines, if the mobility scooter is driven up hill, the battery will wear out much more rapidly than if it is driven across flat ground.

Other factors that affect range are the age of the battery, with it wearing down over time and usually needing replacement every 12 to 18 months, as well as how the battery is charged. Like all electronics, regularly and correctly recharging a battery is very important, with the first few months being the most important. So, make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for recharging your scooter to ensure the best possible per-charge range.

What Kinds of Mobility Scooters Are Available?

There are many different types of mobility scooters, but they can basically be broken down into heavy duty scooters, travel scooters, and regular scooters.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters are arguably the most fun to drive, because they have the highest weight capacity and are designed to be driven almost anywhere, including over off-road terrain. They have a reinforced frame, larger tires, higher top speeds, a larger per-charge range, and higher ground clearance. However, heavy duty scooters are not just designed for outdoor use, but have a much higher weight capacity. One downside to a heavy duty scooter, however, is their size, which makes them impractical for use in some homes.

Travel Scooters are essentially the polar opposite of a heavy duty scooter. Where the heavy duty scooter is designed to be as powerful and strong as possible, the travel scooter is designed to be as light as possible. As a result, they are no where near as sturdy and lack a number of features common on other types of scooters, but they can be taken apart easily and placed in the trunk of a car. The main idea behind a travel scooter is that when it is taken apart, the individual pieces are light enough that they can be moved by the user without the need for a scooter lift. As a result, everything, from the frame to the seat, is minimized to reduce weight.

Regular scooters form the middle ground, falling in between travel scooters and heavy duty scooters. They have many more features than a travel scooter, but are not as easy to transport, sometimes requiring a vehicle scooter lift. However, they are much more comfortable than a travel scooter and usually have a higher per-charge range, yet unlike a heavy duty scooter, they are usually small enough to work in all homes.

What Mobility Scooter Manufacturer Should I Choose?

There are quite a few different manufactures of mobility scooters, so it can be confusing knowing which one to select. Inevitably two names stick out, however, as Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility are both known for their home medical equipment, which includes not only mobility scooters, but also lift chairs, adjustable beds, and electric wheelchairs. ShopRider is another popular manufacturer, which offers a less expensive option.

Since there are so many manufacturers of adult scooters, it is important to compare the different electric scooters available to find the one that will best fit your needs and your budget. When comparing different scooters, make sure to look at the warranty offered, as well as how well known the brand is. For example, it is possible to get some really cheap no-name mobility scooters from overseas, but chances are, they won’t last very long and will be covered by a much less inclusive warranty that requires expensive shipping if something breaks.