Medicare and Mobility Scooters

Medicare is a federally funded insurance program available to most seniors over the age of 65. In addition to covering the types of things you would expect a private insurance plan to cover, Medicare also covers the cost of many types of home medical equipment. Medicare refers to this equipment as Durable Medical Equipment. Mobility Scooters are covered by Medicare and fall into the category of durable medical equipment.

While Medicare does cover Mobility Scooters, there are a few requirements the insured must meet before ordering a mobility scooter. The main requirement is that the scooter is needed for use both in the home and away. If the insured can get around their home without the scooter and only need it when away from home, it would not be covered.

The other main requirement to receive Medicare coverage of a mobility scooter is that a doctor prescribes the scooter as part of a treatment plan. It is important to speak with your doctor prior to ordering the scooter, to ensure that you are eligible to receive a prescription for the device.

If the insured meets these requirements, then Medicare will typically cover 80% of the cost of the mobility scooter. Most mobility scooter dealers will bill Medicare, so once the insured has a prescription, the process typically goes very smoothly. It is also possible to purchase the mobility scooter first and receive reimbursement later, but always make sure you meet the requirements for Medicare reimbursement before doing this.

While almost all of those who use traditional Medicare will be eligible to receive durable medical equipment, such as mobility scooters, those who use a Medicare Advantage Plan, the process might be a little different. Medicare Advantage Plans are optional plans that are still funded by the federal government, but private insurance companies administer the programs. As a result, while a Medicare Advantage Plan will still cover the same things as Medicare, they often go about it in a different manner.

For those who use a Medicare Advantage Plan, it will be necessary to consult the documentation provided by the private insurance company to see how mobility scooters are covered and what the process is to receive reimbursement.